Barngarla in disbelief that site works at Napandee have commenced.

The Barngarla are deeply disappointed by the news of the start of site characterisation works at Napandee near Kimba this week. The Barngarla are currently fighting a legal battle to have this project abandoned because of the poor planning and consultative processes.

“Despite the fact that we the Traditional Owners have an ongoing legal battle the Minister King has gone ahead with this work this week – it is beyond disappointing and we have let her know by writing to her and the Prime Minister this morning.” Said Barngarla Chairperson Jason Bilney.

“This is an unwelcome escalation of a project that we, the Traditional Owners have always opposed. Right now we are hearing a lot of talk about a Voice to Parliament. We want them to hear our Barngarla Voice that says a very clear no,”

“It shows a lack of respect to the Barngarla people for the government to go out and do this especially while the issue is in the courts. I feel very angry about this.” Said Barngarla Elder Dawn Taylor in Kimba yesterday.

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