Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this page contains images and videos of deceased persons.

Yami Lester Yankunytjatjara Elder

and Atomic Test Survivor

No Dump Alliance ambassador Yami Lester was a Yankunytjatjara Elder, atomic test survivor, Aboriginal rights activist, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Mr Lester told his story to highlight the dangers of the nuclear industry, and his voice and support were key to the formation and successful work of the No Dump Alliance.
July 2017 saw the passing of Yami. We have lost a truly remarkable person and the Alliance deeply misses his warmth, leadership and strength.

In 1953, I was just ten years old when the bombs went off at Emu and Maralinga, I didn’t know anything about nuclear issues back then, none of us knew what was happening. I got sick, and went blind from the Totem 1 fallout from those tests.

Now I’m 74 years old and I know about nuclear issues. Members from the APY, Maralinga-Tjarutja and Arabunna, Kokatha lands say we don’t want nuclear waste on our land.

It means a lot to me to be in this Alliance. I would like others to listen and join, become a member and fight together.

Tauto Sansbury Narungga Elder


Narungga Man and Elder Tauto Sansbury was key to the formation and development of the No Dump Alliance. Tauto’s passion to protect South Australia from the threat of high-level nuclear waste was crystal clear as he spoke at public events, through the media and in the community.

Tauto worked tirelessly as an advocate for human rights across many levels. His activism, encouragement and energy to make change will be deeply missed and never forgotten. Tauto’s valuable contributions and vision will always be held close to the heart of the Alliance in our work to amplify the voices and concerns of Aboriginal people when facing nuclear waste dumps.

People need to think about what this means for their future, their children and future generations. We are talking about the importance of country and the preservation of culture and safety of our Peoples whereas the Government seems more interested in economic development.