Wallerberdina, Flinders Ranges

nuclear waste barrel painted with "Don't dump on SA," in Wallerberdina, Flinders Ranges

For years the government pursued the site of Wallerberdina in the Flinders Ranges. The dump was opposed by many Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners, who were not consulted about the nomination of the site by former Liberal Party politician Grant Chapman. 

When faced with the threat of a nuclear waste dump many people in the surrounding communities came together – from Hawker, from Quorn and surrounding areas. A group called FLAG, the Flinders Local Action Group was formed and worked tirelessly and for years to contest the nomination of the site. Over the years Traditional Owners and community members attended numerous meetings, organised rallys, spoke to the media and those within their community.

In December 2019, it was announced that the Wallerberdina site in the Flinders Ranges would no longer be considered for a national nuclear waste facility!

This was welcome news for many in the Flinders Ranges community. For four years the voices of Traditional Owners, Pastoralists, residents of Hawker, Quorn and the wider Flinders Ranges have voiced their opposition and spent hours upon hours talking, travelling and working hard to get their message out. 

The No Dump Alliance Congratulates everyone who has fought so hard to keep such an amazing place dump-free. Thank you to everyone that signed postcards, offered support, came to rallies and contributed to this big win. The Flinders Ranges has breathed a huge sigh of relief.

A ballot to gauge community support in the Flinders Ranges concluded on Thursday 12th December, with 52% of the community voting against the controversial proposal. The following day, Minister Canavan announced that “Wallerberdina Station in the Flinders Ranges will no longer be considered for a nuclear waste facility”.

Sisters and Adnyamathanha Traditional Owners Vivianne McKenzie, Heather Stuart and Regina McKenzie, December 2019.

“We are so relieved, it has been a big, long, hard, fight and we never backed down. We always knew that Wallerberdina was not the right place for nuclear waste and now Minister Canavan can see that too. We have won.” ‒ Vivianne McKenzie